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Fitness Tip

Peg also offers CPR/AED training for 1-20 people per class conducted either at your location of choice or her studio in Mt. Lebanon. Cost is $40/person. You can contact Peg at the number above or email her at

Be Your own revolution 

 - If exercising outdoors, beat the heat and do it before the heat of the day which is usually between 10 and 6.

 - Hydrate well the day before. While exercising in the heat, bring a water bottle or find a fountain along your route for a drink.

 - Continue to drink post exercise to prevent cramping.

Exercising in the Heat

Interested in a boot camp? Come join us at New Song Community Church on Route 88 in Bethel Park, Mondays & Thursdays - 9:30 am & 6:00 pm and Saturdays - 8:30 am, $10.00 drop-in rate. New campers always welcome!!

 Unfortunately, Revolution Cycle is no longer in business at Manor Oak.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and we hope you had a great cycling experience.

If you would like to continue your fitness regiment,

please contact Peg at Pardini Personal Training -- 412-600-8160 or visit